Leonardo’s long awaited win!

Finally! The moment has come for actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who after 22 years received the Academy award for Best Actor for his role in the drama The Revenant. This is a profile of his acting career leading up this long awaited moment.



Born in Los Angeles California, Leo established his career in the US sitcom ‘Growing Pains’ a show centred on family life. However it wasn’t until 1993 Leonardo DiCaprio made his acting debut alongside Robert Di Nero in ‘The Boys Life’ but it was in the drama ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ where he earned his first nomination as best supporting actor. Film critics Janet Maslin stated “The film’s real show stopping turn comes from Mr DiCaprio whose performance has a sharp, desperate intensity from beginning to end”.

At age 22 Leonardo was cast as the lead role in the American adaptation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ where Leonardo’s star status really took off, and who could forgot his iconic portrayal as Jack Dawson in ‘Titanic’. DiCaprio defied his ‘heartthrob’ status by starring in gritty dramas such as ‘The Aviator’ and ‘Shutter Island.

“I have been planted here to be a vessel for acting… that’s why I’m really taking any part, regardless of how complicated it’s going to be”, he said.For 20 years his performances have been nothing short of spectacular which is why his movies have grossed over 2 billion dollars.

From endless wins and nominations, fans all over the world watched as he won best actor at this year’s academy award ceremony. Actors nominated in the same category shared their congratulations, “An award truly deserved by an amazing man” said actor Eddie Redmayne.

By Stella Akinwumi


Curation piece: Khloe Kardashian’s 40 pound weight loss: an amazing achievement? Or negative influence?

Reality TV, Khloe Kardashian, reportedly lost a whopping 40 pounds. She claims it’s all down to an organic and dairy-free diet, a fat-burning cardio exercise plan, weight training and her beloved abosu ball.

(Picture credit: Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram)


What do her fans have to say about her rapid weight loss? 



Girls on Twitter seem to be obsessing over her change. But is Khloe’s extreme weight loss really a good influence on her fans? It appears that the youngest Kardashian sister often posts photos of her new body on Instagram promoting diets and rigorous exercise.

Many young girls look up to the Kardashians wishing that their bodies looked more like theirs. But do they really look like their photos? Fashion student Milly Dexter, claims that “The Kardashians are over-rated. We all know that their bodies don’t really look like that. They use photoshop and promote unrealistic ideas of the perfect body. That’s what so unhealthy about them.”

Recently, Khloe got caught photoshopping an Instagram image after a fan saw a curved line in the door by her right leg, suggesting that she had photoshopped one or maybe even both her legs.

Not only have the Kardashians been caught photoshopping but Khloe and her sisters have all been promoting waist-training and she claims “it’s my secret weapon!” But is the phenomenon really good for you? Doctors have suggested that it increases acid reflux, compresses your organs and squeezes your ribs.

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(Picture credit: Taken from Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram & The science of eating)

Unfortunately, we should not always believe what we see online. It’s not because a celebrity is promoting a diet or a new weight loss technique that it is necessarily healthy for you. Nowadays with technology, a person can change their appearance completely and not to mention their body shape. You are all beautiful as you are. Don’t strive for somebody else’s beauty or their body! You can only ever be yourself, so don’t ever try and be somebody you ‘re not.


By Louana Erard 29th February 2016.