Damn Kim! Back at it again with the Cornrows!

YES, so we are in the year 2016, and it seems Cultural Appropriation is still a topic of debate at the top of the list. The same controversy circled last year when Marie Claire labelled Kendall Jenner’s four mini-cornrows as ‘taking bold braids to a new epic level’.HMM

Of course I am all for sharing hairstyles and beauty tips with one another. It is a part of life as a woman; we like to experiment and try new things. But, when the mainstream media do not credit or even show black women wearing ‘the new bold hairstyle’ (didn’t black women kind of invent the hair style ?), it can leave a community of already oppressed individuals, feeling more oppressed.

kim k 4
Why are people still talking about the braid situation ?: I don’t want to get all political with you guys on a Friday, but to sum it up, when a dominant group adopts an element of a culture without acknowledging the existence of its origin, it is evidently cultural appropriation. Not just black women, but any ethnicity would be hurt and feel they’ve been given the cold shoulder when the media only choose to celebrate your culture and history on celebrities because at the time it is seen as ‘cool’. FACT OF THE DAY !
Eurocentric features and hair textures are already kendallcelebrated everyday through mainstream media. I think it should be any media outlet’s responsibility to do background research on things such as hair styles and traditional clothing. Although I may sound petty, people always seem to get hurt or offended, and after all everyone just wants to live in harmony.*sigh*


So on this lovely Friday, just keep in mind the feelings of others and what it means appropriate without proper attribution.

Have a great day, and I’ll catch you guys tomorrow !


Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Leave your comments below on the issue.
Has there ever been a time where you/someone else has been a victim or participated in cultural appropriation without realising ?

Opinion Piece: Written by Demi Bailey-Paul



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