Grown up or sewn up ? Bella Hadid’s surgery rumours.

Yesterday, the internet was at a standstill when ‘unrecognizable’ photos of 19 –year old model Bella Hadidcirculated on the web, sporting a much different facial physique.

Rachel Moon, who wrote a piece on Bella’s surgery accusations in the ‘Mirror’,gained attention with a bold headline, ‘Bella looks COMPLETLEY different’. Certainly this would catch the eye of anyone.


The photo in the ‘Mirror’ that had people taken aback was a side-by-side photo of the beauty in 2010 and a more recent photo of her in 2016. Admittedly, there is a clear difference in her features, but the article was very critical of her, using words such as ‘unrecognizable’, ‘VERY different‘,and ‘hugely insecure’. A lot can happen to a young teenage girl in six years.


I’m sure everyone has gone through that awkward stage of not growing in to their features yet, right?

katy perry


The two pictures apparently demonstrate that her nose is more rounded now and her lips are plumper. This is what ‘She went to town with her dad’s credit card’ and paid for, a source told the ‘Mirror’, and many people are assuming the same thing.

credit card


The article allowed for Bella’s voice to be heard,‘Bella told Seventeen magazine that it was difficult constantly being compared to her big sister Gigi’.–Being in the limelight at a young age, you are vulnerable to being scrutinized and compared. It is a part of the lifestyle unfortunately.

bella and gigi
photo credit:

However, the article was too quick to assume the surgery rumours were true. All girls are insecure at some point in their lives and the pressure to look ‘perfect’ is an ongoing battle that girls have to wage.

Maybe it is articles such as this that lead young Hollywood into being pressured to have surgical procedures. When your looks are constantly questioned and compared to others it can leave a girl feeling down. FACT OF THE DAY!




Hope everyone has a great Saturday, and I will catch you guys tomorrow!giphy (3)






What are your opinions on the surgery rumours ? Read the article and leave your comments below.

Review written by: Demi Bailey-Paul


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