Living the’Teenage Dream’? Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s new romance.

New couple alert! If you haven’t already heard, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are at centre stage as the new ‘it’ couple of Hollywood, well for now at least. It has only been a few weeks since they enjoyed a romantic get-away to picturesque Hawaii where they confirmed their romance. Now pictures of the unlikely couple holding hands are everywhere.

katy ffs


Is he bringing new girlfrkaty in londoniend Katy to England to meet the family already? Surely not … SPOTTED – the budding new love birds were seen together yesterday having touched down at Heathrow airport enjoying each other’s company. What’s the special occasion? –The jet-setting couple were only in London for a few hours (phew) as a ‘private jet whisked them away to another location’,The Daily Mail reported.


Having only begun dating in January of this year, the couple may be moving too quickly. Celebrities are notorious for rushing in to relationships and then breaking up practically the next month. (I mean, how long did Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas date for again?) Both having just come out of very public relationships, is this an instant love or rushed attraction?

da da da


miranda kerr.jpg

Are the ex’s for or against…? – A source told E! News that Bloom’s ex-wife, model Miranda Kerr, is ‘happy’ for Orlando and apparently has no anger towards Orlando for dating Katy. The source further told E! that Kerr thinks Perry is a ‘really cool woman and talented singer’. Ahh, no drama here I guess.

Hopefully their relationship lasts, because everyone deserves to be in a loving relationship. But, I will probably be here in a month’s time talking about their split, you know how celebs are… Just kidding!

Hope you guys liked this post. Enjoy the rest of your relaxed Sunday. See Ya.


(Do you think the media pressures people in to getting in a relationship/finding ‘the one’ ?-Leave your comments below.)

Curation: Written by Demi Bailey-Paul

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