Gluten-Free Or Full Of Gluten?

A gluten-free diet, what does it even mean? For some it’s a health choice, for others it’s part of a medical diagnosis that restricts you from eating certain foods. But is it really an effective way to lose weight?

For many years the gluten-free diet has become somewhat “fashionable” and celebrities are to blame. Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and Russell Crowe have all allegedly turned to a gluten-free diet in an attempt to be healthier and lose weight.

With the gluten free market now being worth over £200million, its no wonder that restaurants such as Prezzo, Pizza Express and Jamie Oliver are jumping on-board. Leading a gluten-free lifestyle has never been easier! It has been estimated that 1.6 million people in the US now follow a gluten free diet without having been diagnosed. But is this trend taking away light from the real reason people are forced to go gluten-free?

I have been a celiac for over 16 years, and still people are asking me “what actually is gluten free?” and “why can’t you eat it?” So what does being ‘celiac’ mean? And what does it do to our bodies?

Well, Gluten-free food was originally created after doctors found the gluten protein was causing significant damage to certain individuals’ stomach linings and causing them a huge amount of pain. This is now known as ‘Celiac Disease’, an autoimmune disease caused by the body reacting to gluten. CBS news reported that 1 in 133 Americans now suffer from Celiac Disease and yet I still feel that not enough people are aware of this condition. When I ask for a gluten-free menu at a restaurant, people look at me like I’m being difficult and that it is just a picky diet choice, and this is all because of this new fashionable diet.

So is gluten free truly a healthy diet to lead?

In fact, doctors everywhere say there is little evidence to support the hypothesis that a gluten-free diet is a healthier choice (unless you have been diagnosed!) Gluten free cakes and biscuits contain no less sugars and fats than their alternative; they simply lack gluten. And often, producers compensate the lack of wheat by adding even more sugars, salts and fats in order to improve the taste. This means that even if you think you’re being healthier, you should still limit the amount of junk food you’re consuming and eat a balanced diet.


Explainer: Why you should think twice about the brands you buy

Think your new lipstick looks great and isn’t doing your body any harm? Think again! I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across the most horrific images. Women’s lips had become completely damaged all because they weren’t careful. Although you might think the colour looks fabulous, underneath it all it could be damaging your skin cells. And don’t be tricked! Just because a lipstick is expensive or well-known, it doesn’t mean it’s exempt.



Research done in 2007 by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics  showed that 60% of the 33 lipsticks they tested, contained harmful levels of lead.

But don’t be fooled! Although the study was conducted in 2007, many products still contain lead.


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(Photo credit: Viva women)



In fact, the companies do not set out to put lead in their lipsticks. It simply comes from the pigments used to create the colour, like most things that come from the Earth. Several countries such as Canada have banned cosmetic companies from having more than “a trace” of lead, perhaps other countries should follow their example in order to protect us women a little better.



According to Safe Cosmetics the presence of lead causes a big concern for pregnant women. Lead is a neurotoxin which means it can cause miscarriages, infertility and can even cause the fetus to develop learning disabilities. Although many people claim it can cause cancer, there is no scientific evidence to prove this theory.





Unfortunately, lead is not listed as an ingredient on the labels. You should familiarise yourself with the brands we already know contain lead in their lipsticks. If you’re not sure whether or not a lipstick contains lead there a sneaky trick: Simply rub the lipstick over a gold ring. If it changes colour to black, then you know it contains lead. And most importantly, don’t take any chances! If it has happened to other women, it can just as easily happen to you. The colour will last a couple hours, the damage, a lifetime. 



By Louana Erard 3rd March 2016








Listicle: 13 Must-have beauty products

Feeling like your beauty bag is looking a little bit too empty? Looking to fill it up with beauty essentials but don’t quite know what with? Look no further than FizzEntertainment’s Trendy Tuesday!


1. Laura Mercier ‘Infusion de Rose Nourishing Crème’: £55 From John Lewis 

creme LM

Beautifully light and gentle on the skin. Very pricey, but so worth it. (Smells amazing too!) 



2. Origins ‘A perfect world deep cleanser with white tea’: £21 from John Lewis 



Does exactly what it says on the bottle, cleanses. Leaves your skin looking and feeling fresh. One of my favourite products! 

3. GlamGlow ‘POWERMUD DualCleanse Treatment’: £49.99 from GlamGlow Mud 



Not the best smelling product, but acts as the perfect deep cleansing face mask. Removes blemishes from the first use. 



4.Kiehl’s ‘Clearly corrective skin brightening exfoliator’: £25.50 from Kiehl’s 



Creates a smoother, clearer appearance. Perfect for a once-a-week facial exfoliation.



5. Mac ‘Strobe cream’: £24.50 From MAC 


MAC strobe

Looks amazing mixed in with your foundation, giving you a beautiful finish. Acts as both a moisturiser and a highlighter. 



6. Burberry ‘Cashmere Concealer’: £25 from Debenhams 


burberry concealer

Feels amazing on your skin, doesn’t ‘cake’ on and yet still has very high coverage! 



7. Burberry ‘Light Glow’ blush: £29 from Burberry 


burberry blush

Like many of Burberry’s make-up collection, it smells A-MAZING! Comes in a wide range of colours to suit all skin-tones and lasts all day.

8. Naked ‘Smoky Palette’: £38.50 from Urban Decay 



My favourite of the Naked Palettes. Gorgeous colours and comes in a wide variety allowing you to do a gold, silver or darker smokey eye. Range between glitter and matted eyeshadows too! 



9. Rimmel London ‘Exaggerate eye liner’: £5.29 from Boots



The brush makes it easy and cheap to use! The colour is very dark and it lasts weeks even if used daily. 



10. Moodstruck ‘3D Fiber Lashes+’: £23 from Younique 


3d lashes

Creates a fuller, darker look. And the best part? The fibres make your eyelashes grow. So you can look fabulous whilst making your lashes longer and stronger! 



11. NARS ‘Sheer lipstick’ in Cruising: £21 from NARS


nars lip.jpg

Suits most skin tones and sits beautifully on your lips. Doesn’t dry out the lips or leave them feeling worn and cracked. 



12. MAC ‘Pro longwear lip pencil’ in Nice ‘n’ Spicy : £15 from MAC 


mac lip

The longest lasting lip pencil I’ve ever used! And the colour looks great with any nude coloured lipstick: use it with a lighter nude to create a contrast or simply with a similar shade to create a sleek and neat edge. 



13.  CHANEL ‘le vernis’ in Éncore sanguine: £18 from John Lewis 


nail polish

You can never go wrong with classic red nails and CHANEL do it just right! The colour looks amazing and doesn’t chip easily ( but make sure to go over it with any topcoat of your choice). 




By Louana Erard 1st March 2016






Curation piece: Khloe Kardashian’s 40 pound weight loss: an amazing achievement? Or negative influence?

Reality TV, Khloe Kardashian, reportedly lost a whopping 40 pounds. She claims it’s all down to an organic and dairy-free diet, a fat-burning cardio exercise plan, weight training and her beloved abosu ball.

(Picture credit: Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram)


What do her fans have to say about her rapid weight loss? 



Girls on Twitter seem to be obsessing over her change. But is Khloe’s extreme weight loss really a good influence on her fans? It appears that the youngest Kardashian sister often posts photos of her new body on Instagram promoting diets and rigorous exercise.

Many young girls look up to the Kardashians wishing that their bodies looked more like theirs. But do they really look like their photos? Fashion student Milly Dexter, claims that “The Kardashians are over-rated. We all know that their bodies don’t really look like that. They use photoshop and promote unrealistic ideas of the perfect body. That’s what so unhealthy about them.”

Recently, Khloe got caught photoshopping an Instagram image after a fan saw a curved line in the door by her right leg, suggesting that she had photoshopped one or maybe even both her legs.

Not only have the Kardashians been caught photoshopping but Khloe and her sisters have all been promoting waist-training and she claims “it’s my secret weapon!” But is the phenomenon really good for you? Doctors have suggested that it increases acid reflux, compresses your organs and squeezes your ribs.

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(Picture credit: Taken from Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram & The science of eating)

Unfortunately, we should not always believe what we see online. It’s not because a celebrity is promoting a diet or a new weight loss technique that it is necessarily healthy for you. Nowadays with technology, a person can change their appearance completely and not to mention their body shape. You are all beautiful as you are. Don’t strive for somebody else’s beauty or their body! You can only ever be yourself, so don’t ever try and be somebody you ‘re not.


By Louana Erard 29th February 2016.