Review: Is Topshop really worth it?

Over the past few days I’ve been going into some high street stores to find out what most of you teenagers prefer, but really I didn’t see much difference. I went into Topshop, River Island, Miss Selfridges, Primark and New Look and to be very honest with you the only difference they all had was the prices. So is there really any need to shop at a specific brand?

I want to give a brief store review on Topshop and how young females of today obsess over it a bit too much. Topshop first started in 1964 in the basement of a department store, and over the years has grown and developed, it now has over 300 stores in the UK bringing people edgy and fashionable looks. Personally I’m a huge fan of the store and all its products however is it a bit overrated? Only yesterday I walked in to purchase a pair of socks and the cashier told me it was a tenner! for a pair of socks! I could walk in to Primark and get that same exact pair for such a decent price.

Aside from this, I guess if all you fashion enthusiasts are willing to spend money on your favourite brand then go for it.

Thanks for reading guys and have a lovely day.

By Whitney Ajudua.




listicle: Get the Kylie Jenner look

Are many of you fashionistas out there looking for inspiration to create your next look? Well look no further, as I will be providing you with the dashing styles of the television star Kylie Jenner, and how to get her look!

  1. Lip Kit by Kylie: £20.62 from Kylie cosmetics   
    photo cred: cosmopolitan magazine.

     Seems like the whole entire world is obsessing over these products. In just an hour the product was launched and it sold over 12 million lipsticks nationwide immediately. The trend setter will be launching them again this Friday so make sure you grab your set ASAP!


2.   The Swaggy look: khaki bomber jacket £30 from boohoo, white trainers £57    from Reebok  and a simple midi dress £52 from asos

Shelbi Khaki Longline Bomber Jacket Image 2
photo taken from kylies instagram page
Shelbi Khaki Longline Bomber Jacket Image 3
item 1
item 2
item 3







If your looking for a cool yet fashionable look, then try this outfit. Nothing says swag better than a pair of white trainers, a midi dress and a cool bomber jacket. 


3.  Daytime Co-ord: Stripped Co-ords for £39 and a pair of All stars only £43.99

kylie jenner with short dark hair in a stripy co ord
photo from kylie’s instagram page.

Right so I know many of you girls out there can’t wear co-ords without throwing on a pair of heels, but take a look at this, Kylie looks dashing and comfortable at the same time! 


4. The latest trend: Faux suede dress, £30.80 with a pair of strappy heels, £25 on boohoo

photo cred:

 Kylie is looking extremely stylish in her brown faux suede body-con mini dress. The 18 year old threw a pair of strappy heels on and was ready to hit the road. 





5. Be totally glammed: Balmain dress and heeled thigh high boots for only £39.99 on public desire

photo  cred:

Try Kylie and Kendall’s very own brand, the Balmain collection. This studded dress looks absolutely fab with a pair of high boots to give it just the edge it needs.

Stevie Over the Knee Boots in Black Faux Suede
item 2
item 1











Fashion is constantly changing, like honestly, how many of us can say we don’t like to follow the latest trends. Trends help give us more knowledge on fashion, however do teens or even fashion enthusiasts take this a tad bit overboard ? Well in some ways they do as keeping up with these trends tend to increase the amount of pressure on an individual. Coco Chanel once said, ‘fashion is made to become unfashionable’, therefore this makes me question if there is really any need for people to try so hard to keep up with it.


(photo cred: Elle magazine)

At the University of Westminster, I asked a range of students whether they feel the need to shop the latest trends, and if so why. Anita Ogunlade replied saying, ‘Well,  personally I enjoy fashion, I like looking at what is considered to be in style and out of style. I would rather be for fashion than against it’. On the other hand Mya smith also a student at the University  stated, ‘Honestly, I don’t like to follow the trends whatsoever, whats the point if it keeps changing constantly, it’s simply a waste of money’.

Research shows individuals that ignore fashion trends tend to have insecurity issues. I interviewed Charles Mayham, a student at the university of the arts, here’s what he had to say. – ‘During my days in secondary school I was bullied for the way I dressed, hence I turned to video games for comfort instead of worrying about fashion’.

Over the years various tweets and Instagram posts are uploaded explaining the latest fashion trends, what to buy and what not to buy, fashion mistakes and others (below are a few examples):

by Whitney Ajudua